• At b|arc we prioritise listening to you above everything else - to understand your brief and to react to your comments.
    We record all our findings so we have a common point of reference for the project moving forward.
  • Our work starts with a thorough analysis of the local planning and physical context and every aspect of the design will be informed by this.
    Of course we will also work fastidiously to your budget and address your brief on sustainability goals right from the outset.
  • We will work with you through a series of options to agree the best layout and massing to meet your brief and optimise the use of the site.
    We establish the underlying concept and character that will hold the the project together as it develops and ensure the submitted design has the considered elegance required to secure an ambitious consent.
  • b|arc have broad experience working with neighbours, planners and local interest groups and are expert in directing effective consultations - drawing on focused local input, whilst upholding the core aims of the scheme.
    We take care that every drawing we make is carefully geared to communicate efficiently to the relevant audience.
  • We address planning concerns right from the outset of our design work. We present submissions clearly and persuasively, illustrating the scheme as a natural and appropriate response to its (physical and planning) context.
    As such b|arc is developing a track record for achieving consents for ambitious projects.
  • We will bring our team of expert consultants to your project and work with them to ensure that every aspect of the scheme is considered and fully integrated at the right time.
    This attention to detail across the disciplines is the best way to lock down cost certainty prior to taking on a contractor.
  • Robust detailing is fundamental to what we do. But more than that, we resolve every detail to ensure it consolidates the character you want to achieve with the finished scheme.
    We ensure this is backed up by a full specification based on the particular project requirements and early engagement with manufacturers and suppliers.
  • As your project progresses through site, we will ensure the contractor delivers the quality you have bought.
    No build is without its surprises and we will ensure that changes are coordinated efficiently, economically and with no reduction in the quality of the finished scheme.
  • Every new addition to the built environment contributes to make the place around it.
    At b|arc we are careful that the buildings we deliver not only meet your brief and budget, but they delight the people who interact with them every day.
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